Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer days are buzzing by!

I have just realized it has been almost 12 days since I updated. Other homeschooling Moms do this just about every day. I just returned from a small town south of Indianapolis where I have left my oldest son to stay with good friends for a few days. He needs the interaction with other older boys who are in to the same stuff as him, as well as the wide open spaces that 15 acres of land offers! I do thank the Lord for these opportunities for him to do. I am also preparing him for a grief camp that he will get to attend later in August. This will help him cope some more with losing his brother. He has loads of anger related issues every day and some times just can not work himself around those tantrums.

In our mail box this morning we found some Hank the Dog items to be reviewed which includes a book and a board game. It should be interesting as my son has already taken an interest in the game of course. We are gradually learning HTML code for making web pages and we are both excited to see what we can do on this Blog in the future.

My little one loves playing in the paddle pool in the backyard, minus the bee stings he keeps getting! We have heaps of clover out in the yard and bees just love clover! His bee sting is healing with the help of the wonderful Essential Oils I have on hand. He loves to be outside like his ^^angel ^^ brother did too. Sunshine and water are both excellent for your health of course.

I am examining my health as my eating habits have slipped somewhat recently and so exercise and my greener diet are the goals for my days next week, as well as putting together a Unit Study on Trains. There are some available on the Internet already put together but I want to see if it is possible to do with all the resources I already have in my home. If anyone knows of a good resource or book for putting togehter a Unit study let me know - thanks.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I know in the Midwest it is going to be glorious and low humidity. I am looking forward to some one on one with my toddler tomorrow! Get out and support your local farmers at the Farmers Market near you or just to meet some new people who are growing healthy food for you to try out!

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SevenSmiths said...

We are trying to work on our diet a bit here too. We have just taken peanut butter out of our diet after we discovered our toddler is allergic! So we've been revamping things a bit--trying to find that perfect balance of nutrition, taste, ease of preparation, and economy!