Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tea Glorious Tea

I was just reading about Jacque Dixon's tea habit on Facebook and was rethinking mine of course. Being raised in Africa I am really addicted to tea especially Red bush or Rooibos Tea. This tea is only grown in South Africa and is amazing. It is caffeine free and also a diuretic - not harmfully so. My favorite way of making this kind of tea in the summer is to put 5-6 bags in the Sun tea jar and leave outside for a few hours. Discard the bags of tea, add honey and stir well. Place Suntea jar in the fridge and a few hours later enjoy a wonderfully refreshing drink. I jsut read about this glass tea jar which brews one cup of tea at a time from tea leaves. It looks awesome. Swing on over to take a look. I think I need one of these for that quick pick-me-up cup of tea in the winter time, especially before bed. If you want to find this Red Bush tea - look in Kroger's tea section and it is in a red box with Red Bush tea on it in the Private Selection label area. Check out the fancy tea jar at the website below


Claire's Prayer said...

Now that sounds like a refreshing cuppa! Would love to come on over and have some with you - rooibos and a chat what could be better!

Michelle said...

Have you ever tried this tea?: We purchased some this spring, and it is really good and unique. I tried quite a few rooibos teas at the time, and this one was far and away our favorite!