Saturday, August 29, 2009

Web Design for Children and Adults!

I was very intrigued and a little nervous when I heard we were getting a chance to review this curriculum for the Old Schoolhouse crew. I was eager to get started so my son and I put the DVD in the player to watch it. After 10 minutes I realized that we needed to be doing something on the computer at the same time to really grasp what the teacher was explaining to us.
Web Design for Kids is owned by Brian Richardson who is a qualified middle school literacy teacher and technology expert. One can see by watching him on the DVD that he is making the process of learning HTML as simple as possible and he explains every step thoroughly. He has backup segments available at the end of the DVD or during the lesson process if you don’t understand certain terms.

My son and I opened up a folder and began typing HTML on the screen. Well there is nothing more exciting for an 8 year old than to see his name on the screen of his very own Webpage. This spurred him on to continue watching and learning, as well as his very ‘curious’ Mum. I have managed to go all the way through the DVD lessons learning how to make my website look more pleasant, how to change the colors of the text, the screen and how to move text around different directions. In the last segment Brian even shared on how to download and use pictures off the Internet and add them to your webpage.

I personally think I have learned some very simple HTML that will help me produce a better blog, as well as a possible website in the future. The title of the DVD is definitely one to attract those ‘curious’ adults and their children. Web Design for Kids does have another DVD going to be available in the coming months with slightly more difficult HTML instruction. After just looking at their website today I see it is currently advertised for $19.99 as part of a summer special. It is usually priced at around $40.00 To receive this 50% discount would be awesome during these financial crisis days!

The website is Just a note too that I noticed on the site is their support of various foundations for sick children and their families, for example, Ronald McDonald House, The Smile Train, and Children’s Miracle Network. The Richardson’s are giving back to others after receiving some help when they needed it for their family. We as a family have been the recipients of some of that support too over the last three years. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning through this program and I hope that you do too. There are others on the crew who also have done reviews on this product so if you need to be convinced click on the Homeschool crew button on the right side panel and read to your hearts content.

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