Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nature Friend Magazine

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During the month of August I received my first copy of Nature Friend Magazine to read. I was intrigued right from the start by the photograph on the cover. It was an owl swooping down to catch a rat in the dark of night. I have read other nature magazines but with as much information as this one has to offer.

Nature Friend is a company that upholds the principles of the Word of God and has high Christian family Standards, Divine Creation (no evolution) and practical stewardship of God’s creation. The previous statement is mentioned on the first pages of the magazine.

I have read both of the magazines I received thoroughly at least 2 or 3 times and am amazed at the quality and accuracy of the photographs. The feature article in August was on Owls and was extremely detailed including all the information on how the author and photographer had to set up the stunt to take their pictures. Other articles in the August issue were Animal Footprints, Tree Frogs and the Soft Shelled Turtle.

With the September issue I was introduced to stick insects, a peculiar bird called the Malleefowl from Australia, pictures of star formations at night, photography of fall colors and my favorite was on weaver birds. I grew up overseas in Africa with Weaver birds all around me and it was good to see them again even if only in a nature magazine!

In both issues one had a chance to do a crossword, fill in the blank sentences, pages of drawings done by readers copying the examples of “You can Draw” from other issues of the magazine, and a readers mailbox with photographs included. These are the Study Guide parts to the magazine available at an additional cost. . This is a safe magazine to subscribe to with no advertising in for a yearly cost of $36.00. A 2 year subscription is $68.00. To subscribe from Canada and other international countries is more though. The study guide will only be in your copy of the magazine if you subscribe to it for $24.00 per year or $48.00 for 2 years. It enables the student to see how much of the magazine he/she has comprehended. In my opinion I would say this would be an excellent addition to a science curriculum or even used entirely for a science curriculum, with a little art thrown in to the mix. You could take the major article and expand on the information already given to you, perhaps making a scrapbook or lapbook out of it. It would make a great birthday or Christmas present for the nature minded child. That is my opinion and if you would like some more information on the company and their principles go to

I liked this magazine and will definitely look at adding it to our library of information in the future.

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