Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Review: Children's Bible Hour

During the month of February I was sent a neat box of goodies from the ministry of Children’s Bible Hour. Inside were four books titled as follows:

Seventy Times Seven
You Can’t Come In
Braving the Storm
Race with Midnight

These books are from the Season of Life series. Two of the books were quite timely in their arrival in our home. I’m sure some of the crew would agree with me. “Braving the Storm” and “Race with Midnight” are the two I am talking about.

These four books all have a great lesson wrapped in each one. I like reading them as well as listening to the CD that is enclosed in the back flap of each book. In “Brave with Midnight” two children are out riding on their horses when suddenly one of the horses takes off on its own, and the girls chase it, get lost, and have to rely on the horse to getting home. The moral in this story is that Becky, who normally lives in the city teaches her cousin to trust in the Lord instead of in animals and her own self confidence.

The “Braving the Storm” book focuses on a family who are going through extremely difficult times. The father of the family has lost his job, the family have to move to stay with their grandparents and live in a much smaller home. They are far away from their friends and what they are used to. To add complications to the story one of the children in the family is ill and unable to be like a normal child. This touched my heart as our dear sweet son who was so sick for a long time took a lot of care and time. Our son was able to relate to the lonely feelings that the older brother and sister had when their Mum did not have much time to spend with them as she was caring for the youngest child who was ill. As the story develops an ice storm comes on their farm and the trailer they live in is not very safe. The family run to the main house where the grandparents live and eat and spend time with them until the storm is over. The story does relate to the storms of our lives coming and going and how we learn to live with them and how God is in control of them always, even though sometimes we question why.

Can you see why I liked this one? Our family seems to be going through storm after storm after storm since Brendon our 5 year old was sick, died, and still it continues. Things happen and break but we still have to get back up and carry on with life. This is so hard. The books really did help my son a little more to understand.

The books I believe can help children understand through reading about others misfortunes or naughty antics on how to deal with a problem. When children move with their parents to a different town and leave everything behind it can be overwhelming for them to make new friends and start afresh, and perhaps if you have a child in this dilemma the book “You Can’t Come In” can help.

The illustrations in the books are interesting and do hold the eye of the reader or listener. The pace at which the CD’s are read aloud is pleasant and seems just right. I like the voice of Uncle Charlie as he reads as it is soft and comforting too. He uses great expression when he is reading.
All of the books do finish with a form of the sinners prayer and scripture in the back to explain to the child how to pray and accept Christ as their Savior. This leaves the challenge up to the child to read or listen to, and act on.

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There are other reviews on the Old Schoolhouse TOS Crew Blog at the following link:
I was sent the above products to review and write my opinion of them on this blog, for the TOS Crew for the 2009/10 school year. I have not been paid for this review.

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