Sunday, October 24, 2010

More photographs today - :)

The photos are in the reverse order of age development - the youngest pic is at the bottom here. All 3 boys are just so cute!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Brendon's "Angel" Anniversary Day

It was exactly two years at 1245 am this morning when our dear little 5 year old passed across to the heavenly realms. It has been a challenging week full of memories and tears. Today I woke up feeling refreshed a little and with a little smile.

I have put some new pictures on this blog for those who have never seen his younger days before. They are up above this writing.

We miss you darling Brendon. We know you are okay and with all your friends who had cancer and many other children too who left earth way too early. Thank you sweetie for 5 1/4 wonderful years in our family. Your brothers talk about you often and so do we.
Lots of love
Mummy and Daddy, Daniel and Andrew.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Obedience to Christ

Our Bible Study Devotion for school today out of "Morning Bells." Does this speak to you - share with me!

John 2:5

"Whatsoever He saith unto you, do it."

How are you to know what He says to you? Ah, it is so easy to know if we are really willing to know, and willing to obey when we do know! He has spoken so plainly to us in His Word in that He tells us, tells even little children, exactly what to do. It is most wonderful how He has said every thing there for for us, told us every thing we ought to do. When you read a chapter or hear one read, listen and watch to see what He saith unto you in it. There is another way in which He tells us what to do. Do you not hear a little voice inside that always tells you to do the right thing and not to do the wrong thing? That is conscience, and He speaks to you by it.

Another way is by those whom He has set over You. he has told you once for all to "obey your parents," and to "obey them that have the rule over you." so, when they tell you to do something, it is the Lord Jesus himself that you have to obey in obeying them.

Now "whatsoever He saith unto you, do it!" Yes, "whatsoever," dear little one, whether easy or hard, do it because He tells you; do it for love of Him, and it will be a thousand times better and happier to obey your King than to please yourself. And He himself will help you to do it; only look up to Him for grace to obey, and He will give it.

"Whatsoever He saith unto you, do it." Do not just thing about doing it, or talk about doing it, but do it! "Do it!" Do the exact thing He would have you do, not something a little bit different, or something which you think will be very nearly the same, but "do it."

And "do it" at once. It is so true that "the very first moment is the easiest for obedience." Every minute that you put off doing the right thing makes it harder. Do not let your King have to "speak twice" to you. "Whatsoever" He saith unto you, do it cheerfully, exactly, and instantly.

I need to continue writing about Brendon and his legacy, to share what the Lord has done, can do and continues to do through a small 5 year old boy.


National Museum of the United States Air Force

Wow this was an amazing place for boys - especially those who are interested in flying machines, war and such things. Of course that does not really include myself but I still went anyway. My favorite part of this museum was the humongous planes outside on an old runway/parking lot. As the day was about 90 degrees in the shade this was a warm venture to visit.

The museum inside has air conditioning and is enjoyable and HUGE. There are many different parts to this museum and a gift shop for those knick-knacks and reminders or just to purchase postcards because your camera can't do it justice.

The stories that are told through the history of the aircraft is amazing. We even saw Kennedy's Air force One. Fancy that. Yes it was interesting and good to go back to again in a few years when perhaps my little guy is not so tired!

The galleries are filled with places, gliders, the Wind tunnel example that the Wright brothers used to work out how to fly/build their plane. One of their planes is on display too - exciting to see especially once you have studied flying! there are the Cold War and Missile Galleries too - not to be missed. Mannequins and other props are used to make this museum more friendly to visit.

The boys and their Dad paid to ride in the the Cockpit of a 'bomber' I think. They 'flew' over the mountains, down the valleys and had a 5 minute ride of fun. My oldest could not stop talking about it afterwards and the little guy said they nearly crashed into the mountains! He thought it was real!

We had an enjoyable time there and as it is not too far of a drive from home can be visited from here in one day too. It is free with a huge parking lot. During school times I am sure there are plenty of school tours but you can pick to get there later in the morning to avoid the crowds I think. This museum is open 7 days a week and is staffed mostly by volunteers which is amazing too.

I hope you enjoyed walking through our vacation to Ohio with us this year and some of our memories for years to come. I like sharing them with you too.

Here is a link for their website: