Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Days are Here Again

How did summer get here so fast, and we are almost mid-way through June. I have not had much time to relish these warm days. I continue to spring clean this little abode we have, trying to rid us of books we no longer use, or read, and toys that have been outgrown. Of course some of these are precious and have been used by 3 different boys and some belong to our Angel boy so we have a tendency to hold on to them longer.

How are we doing? Well that is hard to say. As I listen to Ann Voskamp's blog music play in the background I would say we are okay. We are surviving in the middle of the storm. We do not know how my husband's cancer is slowing down or growing as it will be a few months before we can test again. Blood tests for markers were done today but it will be a few weeks before we have results.  Our family life is continually adjusted or disrupted due to new eating routines  and diets being changed almost on a daily basis here. I have to monitor how many carbs, fats and proteins he inputs in to his body and how much liquid goes down each day. To take supplements without being able to swallow them is a feat in itself. We may have found the answers in a protein shake which has low carbs. Praying this works on a continual basis and the patient does not become bored with it.

We celebrated 6 years of life with our youngest son who is so full of energy it is hard to keep pace with him. He has a smile and giggle that will melt your heart. It is hard to imagine that the days he came in to this world were so filled with turmoil. Car accidents, stem cell transplants and giving birth don't all go together but the Knights seem to do things like this.

We are trying to stay away from a summer full of unnecessary activities to remain focused on being a family without the constant pressure of school every day too. Visits to friends and celebrating friendship with other families is perhaps something on our agenda. My hubby will be doing some treatments towards the end of the summer and we are praying the Lord uses these medicines and others he is currently taking to continue to heal his body.

As a mom and wife I am struggling internally with many things. Each day is a gift I know that I should not take for granted but some days I can barely focus on me for all the 'stuff;' and things that need to be accomplished.  Spending time in prayer at the feet of my Saviour should be first but often is not, and often comes in the middle of the night when I can't sleep. My Bible seems to call me so much and then I am called away and it never gets completed. I need you Jesus to come to my rescue, and to satisfy my soul and spirit more than anything else. We in this world of crazies need Him to be Lord of all. Pray for me to focus on His will for our family, and to welcome interruption or crisis and not to wiggle and squirm when life is hard. Pray for my husband to want to eat exactly right so that he can remain cancer free. Thank you.

I am so longing for more of Him each day. I'm thanking Him He has provided a way for us to pay our bills, and to survive for right now. All glory,  blessing and honor and power and praise be unto Him. He is Creator, King of Kings, Lord of Lords and our Saviour. He is....

Life is not fair but our God is good. Goodnight.