Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Angel Day 5 years on.

Dear Brendon,

Wow. I never thought we would get to this day and be okay. God has been with us B, and in us too and helped us to live without you. Some days are so long and so tiring without you. Others we look at your photographs and pictures and smile with joy and the privilege of knowing you.

How is life with the Lord? Are you enjoying worshipping Him every day? I often wonder what that will be like Brendon. I am looking forward to the day you will show me around. We have many friends in heaven with you dear Bren and hope that you are enjoying their company. 

Daddy is keeping on keeping on. We are on this journey once again with cancer sitting on the doorstep of our lives. Daddy is working hard and fighting with all his might sweetie.

Daniel misses you still so much and wonders often what life would be like sharing a room with you now. He is so smart and good with his hands. He is also great at taking care of Andy when needed. Today he just may snuggle up with some of your toys and stuffed animals.

Andy is a lot like you as he loves life and loves to talk. He also loves to read books, look at animals outside the back door and play with your toys too. We are so thankful for him in our lives.

Mummy just plain misses you often. Yes I cry tears a lot of days, but there are smiles in the middle of those times too.

Love Mum
For others reading this blog - yes these are my thoughts today. I am so blessed to have been the mother of a little boy who had cancer. That cancer did not define him or our family. Brendon knew beyond a shadow of a doubt who his Savior and Lord was and he is with Him now.He would love for you to know Jesus as your Saviour too so that you can one day be in heaven with Brendon and the Lord.

Grief is a journey and losing a child changes the direction of your life in so many ways, some so subtle you don't see until years later and  are looking back. The loss of a child is a lifelong loss but it does not have to break you totally. To get up each day and continue living is hard but it can be done. I am not saying we are amazing people,  as inside these 4 walls there are so many issues on a daily basis in our family. Some are related to grief, and others are everyday stuff.

If you know of a family who has recently suffered the loss of a child then I challenge you to be there for them, not just during the first few months, but for a few years and more.  The marriage and family suffer so much when they lose a child/sibling or parent. Be there for someone. Listen. Send cards. Show them the tangible love of the Lord Jesus.

Brendon loved life and he loved the Lord. Challenge yourself to do the same.