Saturday, March 15, 2014

Treatment options Changed Again

My husbands scans did not come back free and clear, and obviously we knew that would happen too. His tumor is the size of a baseball or softball now. There is however no spread of cancer anywhere else in the body.

Here is an update however on our Caringbridge site for those who are really interested and have not already seen this update through Facebook.

I am reading Mrs Ann Voskamp's blog daily as there is so much in there to keep me turning to my Bible and reading what God's way is. The Bible not the blog are keeping me hanging onto Jesus.  ( )

I do believe in healing and that God's word works. He has healed before and He can do it again.

Believe with us for the Lord's mighty hand to reach into Walt's body and heal thoroughly whether it be slow or instantly. Thank you for loving us from afar dear friends.

Be blessed and worship in the Lord's house on Sunday if you can.


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