Friday, April 22, 2016

Life's Journey is like Stained Glass windows

Well there is this old Keith Green song called Stained Glass Windows. I just used to love this song, but I have a new realization of the goodness and grace of God through this picture. 

When a Stained Glass window is made, it consists of broken pieces of colored glass. The artist then has to take those broken pieces of colored glass and turn them into a window. The artist has to be careful to join them together in just the right way.   The windows are usually placed up high in church buildings. The sun will then hit them at peak strength. This will cause the colors in the stain glass windows to shine even brighter.   I have not done research on this of course until more recently. I was reminded of this just today as when at my Homeschool co-op and the church sanctuary is full of beautiful Stained glass windows with different parts of Scripture represented on them.  Some photographs are in this blog post.

My Abba Father has been chasing after pieces of my heart which have been broken over and over. He has showed me His abundant grace again and again. When I look back over the last 20 years I can see the incredible piecing together by my Father God artist. The window that He has designed is the most beautiful picture that I can see. My life portrayed full of grace, mercy and the Light of the Son shining through.

So when I look at the last few months of good changes, the realization that I can love someone else again, the newness of the fresh wind of the Holy Spirit blowing through my life, I see the sun shining into my heart and filling the building of my family once again with hope.
The rainbow of colors will still be shadowed at times but God, but God, but God can do over and above anything we could ever expect. With Easter fast approaching and the reminder of Christ’s blood being shed for us this rainbow of colors appeals to my heart, soul and spirit.

Easter and Resurrection Sunday came and went before I could get this posted. So here you go for the weekend reading list.