Friday, June 12, 2009

Its a Learning Process - Life

I will be updating periodically, but am still learning what HTML is and how to put different links and things on this blog. Anyone want to come teach me? I will give you freshly made tea and maybe cookies or raw chocolate during your visit!

I have signed up and been chosen to be a member of the Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew. This is a group of readers of Old Schoolhouse magazine or emails who are selected through a long process to review products from Home schooling companies. It is going to be challenging using different curriculum things that I may like or Daniel may/may not like. We are looking forward to a better school year than last year. We had so many interruptions during the year that we possibly did not do enough days. However the lessons in life that Daniel learned were amazing and certainly not one every child learns. I will be using my blog to post links and entries about the things we review.

I did thoroughly enjoy the Ultimate Homeschool Expo 2009 that was organized by Cindy Rushton in Alabama. I learned so much through it and will continue to as I was able to purchase a ticket. There are samples of some of the audio files at the following link:

The place on the web to purchase a ticket is here

I am still listening to last years audios and they have taught me so much and I am now re-learning ideas from last year for our school, as well as new things I heard on this years Expo. Those who are thinking of homeschooling or currently do so would be wise to invest in this - it is way cheaper than actually attending a convention and all the audios can go on your IPod or downloaded to your computer and put on CD too.

We are still learning to live without Brendon, yet know he is with us in so many ways. I meet other Moms on the internet weekly who are losing their children to pediatric cancers or fighting the battle of cancer now. Life will never be the same without Brendon.

Have a great weekend and hug your little and big ones more often. :)

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Amanda said...

Jules, I would be glad to come help you out! However, I only know the basics, and you may have figured that out by now:)

We do need to get together, though! I've been gone almost every MOPS meeting since February, it seems! I miss you. We'll be wide open in July, I believe, so let me know whats going on with you and when you are available! I'm babysitting M-W, but you are welcome to our house! Only one extra, and a boy at that, so he would enjoy your family's company:)

Love you, Jules, and I'm praying for you!