Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vacation Blues or Heat Woes!

Just dropping by in here to let you know we are awol from home and somewhere in Wisconsin where the heat wave is massive. We think it is actually cooler at home. This part of the country only has temps like this for 3-4 days in August but it sure came early.

Yesterday we travelled to Dubuque, Iowa where there is a Maritime museum which details the history of the Mississippi river. It is an awesome Childrens hands on museum with lots of interactive exhibits and fish to see if aquarium that come right down to the floor. Our toddler thoroughly enjoyed that. Outside is a huge old boat that used to be used to carry cargo up and down the Mississippi river. These boats, barges and paddlesteamers usually only last up to 5 years because of all the intense movement they had to do on the river. We watched a short movie on the history of the boat industry on the Mississippi river including why they built locks to insure the rivers do not flood intensively any longer. Of course we all know this still happens from time to time. If you are ever in this area of the country it is well worth checking out.

We do look forward to going home and having our own bed to sleep in and the children their own stuff to play with. Talk to you later this week.


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