Wednesday, July 8, 2009

General Daily Summer Life

I have not updated in a week or so as it has been a tough one. We went to Brendon's graveside last week on Thursday just to visit where his body is but not his spirit. He would have been 6 years old on July 2nd and ready to start Kindergarten. It is hard to even think that some days. I had been to a funeral that morning for another 7 year old who was affected by the same Medulloblastoma cancer that Brendon had. This little boy Peter was also a living testimony of how to survive longer even though the Doctors prognosis was really bad.

I am also going to be attending another "Healing Oils of the Bible" class given by Brendon's homeopath next week and hoping to take some other friends to it. Essential oils are amazing and whether applied to the skin or swallowed in a capsule or diffused they can change your whole environment and health. I know of another child in southern Indiana who is 'annointed' with oils daily 3- 4 times per day and her cancer is in remission and her health is phenomenal especially as her oncology doctors said she would not survive. She is still here on earth. If you live locally in Indiana and want to come to this class please email me about it.

My oldest D, is still having a hard life coming to terms with the loss of his brother, my husband is doing okay at the moment, and my little toddler A, is growing and changing daily.

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