Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Neat example of unity unplanned to watch and enjoy

This is one of my favourite songs to hear and look what happens when it starts playing in a train station in Antwerp, Europe. Enjoy this clip from Utube it is so much fun to look at and show it to your children.

Have a great fun day! We are enjoying our summer and the reading program we are involved in at our local library. There are some rather fun toys to claim with our reading points. My boys have always loved to read and do not need a toy to encourage in that either.

I believe reading to your children and with your children from a young age and even in the womb is so amazing. B, our ^^angel^^ boy could not read yet, but could sing and tell you stories that he had heard from when he was about two and a half years old. I was definitely looking forward to hearing him sing and read to me some more.

My oldest son who is seven years old now loves to tell you back a story, or whenever he has had an adventure he recites it back to you. He gives details even when you do not want to know them. I guess that some boys are like that, loud and detailed and full of energy.

We are enjoying the somewhat cooler weather in our area of the country these last few days and know the heat will be back for the holiday on Saturday.

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