Sunday, July 26, 2009

VBS, Hank the cow Dog and Sue Gregg cooking

I have been busy this last week in the evenings toting my two boys to a local church for a VBS program. It was wild. The church had the basement turned into a cave, the upstairs sanctuary decorated with all kinds of rock formations made out of cardboard, and playing squishyball outside to get rid of energy. It was called Sun Rock Kids Camp. Daniel had an awesome time and wanted it to carry on for another few weeks. I told him the Camp counselors were very tired too and definitely could not do this for another three weeks. He did not really have time to make friends but we did find out another homeschooling family we know from that church are moving in the fall to Eastern Europe to start serving on the mission field. They are moving to a secular environment but will be a light in a dark place.

I also would like to pray for a friend of mine Joanna C who has been battling breast cancer recently. She originally got sick with heaps of allergies 4 or 5 years ago when they discovered mold growing in the crawl space of their home at that time. Joanna, her husband and her 2 children all got terribly sick and have never really recovered totally since that time. The children are allergic to all kinds of foods and so never 'eat out' like most of us do, it is not worth the reactions to the foods. Joanna and her husband have the most amazing ministry as Pastors in their church and I am asking for prayer for the whole family, for her Doctors in Chicago and for the church family that are their support right now. Thanks.

I am currently reviewing some material for the Homeschool Crew on Hank the Cow Dog and some web page designing curriculum, as well as some healthy food recipes from Sue Gregg's website at She has lots of neat ideas on how to make your family's diet healthier all around. Drop on by her site and see if you feel inspired. I will be writing my reviews later this week for you all to read.

I am also looking at a few counseling options that have come up for my son to help him with his grief and anger issues over the death of his brother. I can not even imagine how this is in his mind, only my own. I am grieving and he does not know how/what to work through first. if things don't go his way he just gets outright mad! There are a few places in Indiana that may be able to help us out, one very expensive and the other on a donation basis.

I have to go now and prepare breakfast so we can scoot to church and say goodbye to one of our couples who are leaving to go to Honduras to serve on the mission field in a school and orphanage there for a year. Have a great Sunday at church and encourage your pastor for his job is a really tough one. He works 24/7 like all Moms do!!!

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