Sunday, March 7, 2010

Obesity in America and the Western World!

I would like you to ALL click to the following link. This is an awesome man, not sure if he is a Christian or not, but I know he has something important to say and won $100 000 to prove it. Jamie Oliver is a chef in the United Kingdom with 2 children and he is an awesome cook. I used to watch his shows when we had cable.

Jamie Oliver is trying to help American children find a new direction for their eating habits by speaking out about obesity and talking to their parents and family members about the kind of food that this nation eats. Listen to it please!

I say Go for It Jamie Oliver and all those who support and agree with him whichi includes me!

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Nikki said...

I finally am watching this! One thing that is screaming out to me: "A generation of people who were never taught to cook at home or at school."
Wow! I have never taken a train of thought to this. Think about the feminist movement. Think about how home economics is no longer taught in schools anymore. Wow! One more reason I am thankful to be home with my children and educating them!
Thank you for posting this!