Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nourishing Traditions/New Ways of Eating Healthy

It has long been on my heart to share with folks about healthier ways of eating and have neglected to put information or links on this blog. I recently was reading a blog I follow and she linked to one of my favourite sites through this post ( ) . The link is placed here below for those who are interested in reading a version of "Nourishing Traditions" but it is smaller and in PDF format and able to be read on your desktop. Once you have read this little book you may then see why it is better for you to eat this way! Then you can save up to buy the thick book called "Nourishing Traditions" which guides you into all the reasons why we should be eating soaked grains, bone broths, grass fed meat, chicken and eggs, raw milk and so on.

I just briefly glanced through this book this morning and it gives you an excellent outline on how to change over to this way of eating. You do not have to buy all organic everything either. That gets expensive as our family knows all too well.

For the health of you and your family take a peek. The download is free for you to have anyway. Most libraries have copies of the "Nourishing Traditions" Book too.

Keep our family in your prayers please as we have a case of regular flu, stomach flu, arthritis and knee pain, as well as some extended winter blues going on here.

Thanks - Julie

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Amanda said...

Hi Julie! I just ordered this book about a month ago. Haven't gotten to read it again yet, due to all that morning sickness, but planning to do so! I read it through a few years ago, but it was borrowed from the library. I am looking forward to the information. Scott has been seeing a naturopath/chiropractor who is getting him feeling so much better between food and supplements.

Keeping you and your family in our prayers. I wish I were there to give you a big hug! Miss you!