Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring and School

We are only 11 weeks into our curriculum as we started schooling from January to December. I am proud to say my 3 almost 4 year old is writing, yes writing his whole entire alphabet out in Uppercase letters. He is amazing me. I just sit and watch as he dives into his 'schoolboxes' each day with enthusiasm I have not seen in a long time. I am praying for my spirit to be renewed to devour God's Word like that each day.

We just took a 2 week self imposed Spring Break. We needed time to organize, take care of some family business, and refresh our relationships too. Chicago was busy and cold and lots of time spent in the van listening to the Melendy family on Spiderweb for Two.  This is part of an audio series we have been listening to for 2 years on our vacations. Google it and find it on sale. It is a marvellously entertaining series of audio books.

My 9 year old and I are travelling on the Eastern Frontier in history and learning about Franklin, Washington and Lincoln, the great names of American history. I am loving this history and geography woven together and am learning so much about this adopted country of mine. I look forward to next year and learning Biblical history with him too. I studied in Africa at my Bible school but the knowledge needs to be refreshed. 20 years ago it was new to me but not now....

Science experiments with the added help of learning bird calls off the Internet have been eye opening and fun for both of us. God is revealing His creation to my son in a new way, and not just through Mum taking us all out in the cold for a Nature Walk. I recently downloaded a wonderful resource off of Homeschool Freebie of the Day from Homeschool Radio Shows website : Handbook Of Nature Study. This book is amazing. I am still longing for a paper copy and added it to my list of 'likes' on my book list. We are using this book as a supplemental resource for our nature studies on a weekly basis.

Old books, classic books are still my favourite and remain a stable in my reading diet for both myself and my children.

I will also be attending the Ultimate Homeschool Expo Conference online in a few weeks time:  . This is an online conference for homeschoolers and other parents who would like to attend and it's online. You don't have to leave home. All the action takes place online and one you've bought your ticket you have access after the conference to over 100 audios, many articles from the speakers and freebies from the organizers and speakers.  The ticket is $24.95 per person or if you order with a friend $37.95(+- $19.00 each).  I attended a session on Tuesday night in my PJ's and it was fun. There was also a Twitter party after the audio session and folks won lots of neat prizes - books, e-books and such like.  You can try the conference out for free by visiting the website and maybe attending one of the live open sessions coming up in April. Click on over and find out. If you want to team up with me for a ticket - Please email me.

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