Sunday, August 7, 2011

Living in the US of A

When I first moved here I thought it would be awesome to live in this free country which is so full of things I am able to get. I now say so many years later that most days I wish I could raise up our family in the 'freedom of Africa.' Do not get me wrong I am happy in the USA but there are so many simple things of life that are not here that are in Africa.

My children would be reasonably free to run around a huge yard, be it fenced for security reasons, but not too fearful of strangers. My children would be playing out in the sunshine and running through the bush with tackies on their feet and probably digging up chongololos (big black centipedes) with their fingers. Yes they can do that here but sometimes touching bugs eeks them out, not me. How did that happen? My children would be full of more questions about their world than just watching a DVD or video or looking it up on the Internet. They would grab a book and use it.

My children pester me to go online or to watch TV. I don't remember doing that too much in Africa. It was a major privilege to watch TV and even a movie every now and then. I grew up without Color TV too.

What would happen if you had to revert back to no TV, no computer, no Internet and computer? What would I do or you do? Would you know what to do, would you know how to survive? It is so easy to become sucked into this world's frame of thinking that you need all these things, and stuff and food etc. No you don't. How would your children learn? How could you contact someone? Have you ever thought of writing a letter? Do you know what kind of impact a card can make on someone's day across the country or world?

The Lord has been teaching me that what is most important is Him, and how He can change our world, our every moment, every day and He is watching, He is longing to be with us all someday. Yes I have made many bad decisions in my life. He is bringing me back to my first love with Him from when I was a little girl sitting in a garage listening to Uncle Lynne tell me Jesus loves me so much, and am I willing to give my heart to Him. Yes I did.

The books of James and Galatians have been my focus lately and through some teaching from those books I see I do not really 'need' all these things to build the world for our family. I need Him. I need to love Him more than anything. He should be my Ultimate friend on a moment by moment basis. Am I there yet? No way. This is just the new beginning for my heart?

Romans 12:12

"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer."

I have lost much in this life and been through much affliction, BUT GOD held me in the palm of His Hand and nourished my spirit and soul even when I did not want it. Some days I still do not want to walk the way He has shown me. I do look around me and see hurting people who just won't choose Him as they know they will have to change. Change is a way of life. I have lived in 3 different countries, I have moved countless times in those places and all through these 'moves' and 'changes' the Lord has been right there. Staying in contact with my friends has been a priority since living in the USA. I do use Facebook as it is easier and cheaper but also depend on staying in touch by phone and snail mail to those places without such luxuries as Internet.

Do people know you really care? Have you sat down and written to them after thinking about what they really mean to you? I am preaching just as much to me as I am to whoever may read this through. The people I am sending this to have made an impact on my life for a short or long time. I do love you too. Please hear me - I'm just sharing this so you know how I am doing. So many of you ask me from time to time.

I am determined to make this life one that is full of fun, laughter and love for my Saviour and Redeemer, as well as to share His love for me and His creation with others.

I have quoted this before on Facebook and will do this again:

"The only option confronting the contemporary Christian today is you either master the culture, or the culture master's you."  Moody Radio, Chicago, IL

I love my dear sweet husband Walt and my precious boys - all 3 of them. Thank you Lord for all the trials and afflictions and for working out my salvation through them. I'm sure there will be more during the years to come.

I am on the road to discovering more of the Mission God has for my life as I don't want to end up Somewhere without a Purpose. I came to the US of A to serve Jesus and I will continue to do that wherever the road takes me.