Monday, September 12, 2011

Ultimate Homeschool Special Needs Expo.

Hello my friends,

Life has been busy for our family. Once again I wanted to share about the Ultimate Homeschool Expo but this time there is an Expo for those with Special Needs. I do not advocate any of my children as having an abnormal learning ability but I must admit there are some challenges for me weekly.

I am learning from this Expo that I need to be teaching my Right Brained child a little differently. This Expo is introducing me to people who are trained in this area. I am learning how to challenge my children in their school days without them being bored any longer.

Click on over and take a look please. The price for the Expo at the moment is $19.97. After you have a ticket you will have access to at least 50 audios and other information included in the price. When you attend live you can enter for prizes too.

You can listen live during the Conference and chat with other Moms in the Chat room on the homepage. Come and join me in the mornings or afternoons this week for the Special Needs expo.

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