Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

“If It Had Not Been for Christ

If this was the title on a Christmas card sent to you today would it make you think a little more about why we celebrate today, Christmas Day. I certainly think it shall.
Where would the stockings hung by the fire be?; The Christmas bells would not ring, the holly and the mistletoe would be hidden, and possibly gifts not given in such generosity.
There would be no churches, no rules or very few to read about. People would have no hope when death touches their life. There would be no chance of ever seeing that person  again. The Bible would end at Malachi. Joy would probably be at the expense of others too.
But there came a day on earth when things changed and Israel’s hope could be seen and heaven came down to tell us about it too.
O Come All Ye Faithful, joyful and triumphant,
O come ye, O come ye to Bethlehem;
Come and Behold Him, born the King of Angels,
O come let us adore Him, Christ, the Lord.

Let us be glad and rejoice for the Hope, Love and Joy that Christ brought to our earth. He came bringing good news. To me having that Saviour of the whole wide world living in my heart is so amazing. He loves me and He loves you and wants you to know Him too. Talk to Him, ask Him to come live inside you.
Be thankful you can celebrate Jesus birth where so many are unable to do this.  Bless others with extra that you have the whole year through.  Remember:
“He comes to make His blessings flow,
Far as the curse is found.
He took the curse for you and He asks you to believe……

Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Angel Day 5 years on.

Dear Brendon,

Wow. I never thought we would get to this day and be okay. God has been with us B, and in us too and helped us to live without you. Some days are so long and so tiring without you. Others we look at your photographs and pictures and smile with joy and the privilege of knowing you.

How is life with the Lord? Are you enjoying worshipping Him every day? I often wonder what that will be like Brendon. I am looking forward to the day you will show me around. We have many friends in heaven with you dear Bren and hope that you are enjoying their company. 

Daddy is keeping on keeping on. We are on this journey once again with cancer sitting on the doorstep of our lives. Daddy is working hard and fighting with all his might sweetie.

Daniel misses you still so much and wonders often what life would be like sharing a room with you now. He is so smart and good with his hands. He is also great at taking care of Andy when needed. Today he just may snuggle up with some of your toys and stuffed animals.

Andy is a lot like you as he loves life and loves to talk. He also loves to read books, look at animals outside the back door and play with your toys too. We are so thankful for him in our lives.

Mummy just plain misses you often. Yes I cry tears a lot of days, but there are smiles in the middle of those times too.

Love Mum
For others reading this blog - yes these are my thoughts today. I am so blessed to have been the mother of a little boy who had cancer. That cancer did not define him or our family. Brendon knew beyond a shadow of a doubt who his Savior and Lord was and he is with Him now.He would love for you to know Jesus as your Saviour too so that you can one day be in heaven with Brendon and the Lord.

Grief is a journey and losing a child changes the direction of your life in so many ways, some so subtle you don't see until years later and  are looking back. The loss of a child is a lifelong loss but it does not have to break you totally. To get up each day and continue living is hard but it can be done. I am not saying we are amazing people,  as inside these 4 walls there are so many issues on a daily basis in our family. Some are related to grief, and others are everyday stuff.

If you know of a family who has recently suffered the loss of a child then I challenge you to be there for them, not just during the first few months, but for a few years and more.  The marriage and family suffer so much when they lose a child/sibling or parent. Be there for someone. Listen. Send cards. Show them the tangible love of the Lord Jesus.

Brendon loved life and he loved the Lord. Challenge yourself to do the same.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

New Treatment Plan

My husband begins his new Clinical Trial today at the local hospital downtown. He will only have to go for infusions every 2 or 3 weeks depending on which drug he gets first. The trial is for 6 months. He is unable to continue on any supplements, oils or any herbal medicines.

Please lift our family up in prayer at this time. Thank you.

This is short and sweet due to today being a learning day in our home.

Love you sweetheart. Praying for you too.


Monday, September 2, 2013

Treatment Changes, and Life Goes On

My dear sweet husband has had a rough summer once again.  He was progressing nicely on his alternative medicine therapy and diet, which helped him lose 40 pounds and then whammo.

After some weeks his tumors decided to grow back. This has saddened our hearts somewhat but we have not stopped looking for answers. He is now signed up to do a Clinical trial through IU Health in Indiana. He got the last spot open for this particular trial and so we believe that was God's hand. We are sad to have to stop all the alternative medicines as we know they do work so well. I, as his executive chef now have to figure out ways of feeding him what those supplements were giving him, but in his food. This is proving harder than I though. He does not eat as much as he used to either.

He will be monitored carefully for changes in tumor size and/or health all the way through. We are praying the medicines work like they are supposed to and reduce the tumor size so he continue on the trial and continue to fight.  He will be able to work through this process too and only has to have a few days off per month for the visits to the hospitals to receive the meds. 

We will be staying in the USA instead of visiting family overseas for our vacation this year. We had planned a trip to the UK if  possible but seems we will have to save that for when he is well. Believe with us for that healing that we so believe in.

Thank you for praying for our family too when you remember.  Pray for peace for our boys too please as this disruptive summer has caused them to be worried and fearful too at times.

Our God is an awesome God. 
Blessings to you and yours tonight and this week.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Half Way Mark

My sweet husband is halfway through his treatment with IV Therapy. He is really, really tired but thankful for all the IV fluids that are keeping him floating in these hot temps as he endeavours to work in the heatwave after therapy each day.

Thank you for continued prayer. We believe that we need to be proactive with God's natural medicines and allow Him to work a healing in Walt's body through these. WE continue to try to enjoy the summer that took a very hot turn recently.

The boys and I are looking forward to attending VBS soon at a local church who have been very helpful to us in many difficult times of our lives.

Stay the course, keep on living for Christ - He lived and died for you!


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cancer Therapy

Thank you for praying for  our family over the past week. My husband has completed one week of therapy and is tired. That is not the only side effect but seems to be the one most prevalent.

He has had some stomach issues with new medicines to take at home and his appetite seems to be okay. He does not eat very much in the hot summer days anyway so maybe this is good for him too. Please pray for him to not be too concerned but to be at peace. There is some swelling going on in the scar issue from his surgery where the melanoma nodules were removed from. We await for an MRI to see about that and exactly what is going on under the skin.

I am basically very busy and trying to keep it altogether. Ha like you can do that as a Homeschooling Mom with 2 rambunctious boys. Pray for peace in the walls of our home which is  my husband's sanctuary after a day at work and having IV Therapy.


Monday, July 8, 2013

Praying for my Husband

I wanted to just update everyone on what is happening in Walt’s life and body.

Walt is undergoing 15 days (on weekdays) of IV Therapy at his Doctor’s offices during this month. On the weekends he will be taking extra supplements along with all the others he already swallows, and this will enable the activity begun through the IV’s to continue. He is taking Salicinium/Orasal which is a medicine that targets fermenting cells.(usually cancer cells).  It also deprives the cancer cells of the sugars they so desperately want to grow and spread. Here is a link for anyone who wants to read more about it. The non-cancerous cells also adapt to using ketones for energy on Walt’s Ketogenic diet. Cancer cells are unable to use fat to make energy for themselves to grow, only sugars and carbs.  His diet is very, very high in fat and extremely low in carbs and no sugars.

People with cancer should not be eating sugars or carbohydrates if they want to get better (IMO). I am learning more and more about this through this journey with Walt.

Please pray for him to succeed with working and doing this therapy in the mornings before going out into the heat to deliver mail.  Some side effects can be lethargy and tiredness, which he already experiences just being on a continual detoxification diet. It takes the body a long time sometimes to get sick and so it may be a while before we see positive changes on a scan for example.

Pray for our family to adapt to him being so very tired, and for the boys to be more considerate, for Walt to be able to continue to eat and still have energy to have fun with us. Pray for me to be patient in the middle of a continually changing situation.  As most of you know we have been down this road before. We are challenged once again.  Pray for the medicine or muti (African word) to work and boost his immune system whilst it is cleaning up the blood.  We believe for blood tests to give us good results next time we have them done.

Thank you for praying for us. He is Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Rapha, Jehovah Tsidkenu, the Creator of Heaven and Earth.  Pray for us to walk in His peace.

Julie, Walt and the boys Daniel, Andrew and ‘Angel Brendon.’

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy "10th" Birthday in heaven Brendon Richard Knight.

Dearest Brendon,

We miss you. We love you. We are so glad God chose to place you in our family for 5 years and a few months.

Happy Birthday to you sweetheart.

lots of love Mommy, Daddy,
                 Daniel and Andrew.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Days are Here Again

How did summer get here so fast, and we are almost mid-way through June. I have not had much time to relish these warm days. I continue to spring clean this little abode we have, trying to rid us of books we no longer use, or read, and toys that have been outgrown. Of course some of these are precious and have been used by 3 different boys and some belong to our Angel boy so we have a tendency to hold on to them longer.

How are we doing? Well that is hard to say. As I listen to Ann Voskamp's blog music play in the background I would say we are okay. We are surviving in the middle of the storm. We do not know how my husband's cancer is slowing down or growing as it will be a few months before we can test again. Blood tests for markers were done today but it will be a few weeks before we have results.  Our family life is continually adjusted or disrupted due to new eating routines  and diets being changed almost on a daily basis here. I have to monitor how many carbs, fats and proteins he inputs in to his body and how much liquid goes down each day. To take supplements without being able to swallow them is a feat in itself. We may have found the answers in a protein shake which has low carbs. Praying this works on a continual basis and the patient does not become bored with it.

We celebrated 6 years of life with our youngest son who is so full of energy it is hard to keep pace with him. He has a smile and giggle that will melt your heart. It is hard to imagine that the days he came in to this world were so filled with turmoil. Car accidents, stem cell transplants and giving birth don't all go together but the Knights seem to do things like this.

We are trying to stay away from a summer full of unnecessary activities to remain focused on being a family without the constant pressure of school every day too. Visits to friends and celebrating friendship with other families is perhaps something on our agenda. My hubby will be doing some treatments towards the end of the summer and we are praying the Lord uses these medicines and others he is currently taking to continue to heal his body.

As a mom and wife I am struggling internally with many things. Each day is a gift I know that I should not take for granted but some days I can barely focus on me for all the 'stuff;' and things that need to be accomplished.  Spending time in prayer at the feet of my Saviour should be first but often is not, and often comes in the middle of the night when I can't sleep. My Bible seems to call me so much and then I am called away and it never gets completed. I need you Jesus to come to my rescue, and to satisfy my soul and spirit more than anything else. We in this world of crazies need Him to be Lord of all. Pray for me to focus on His will for our family, and to welcome interruption or crisis and not to wiggle and squirm when life is hard. Pray for my husband to want to eat exactly right so that he can remain cancer free. Thank you.

I am so longing for more of Him each day. I'm thanking Him He has provided a way for us to pay our bills, and to survive for right now. All glory,  blessing and honor and power and praise be unto Him. He is Creator, King of Kings, Lord of Lords and our Saviour. He is....

Life is not fair but our God is good. Goodnight.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sweet Birthday wishes!

Happy 6th Birthday precious child! Dearest Andy so sweet and so tenderly born into the world after a hit and run accident the day before! Here he is then:

Tomorrow/Today 5th May, on Cinco De Mayo he turns 6 already. He is a healthy and strong boy and we are so thankful and grateful for that. He talks non-stop from the time he wakes to the time he falls asleep. Thank you Lord for reminding me each day through him to enjoy each day for itself. He truly is a blessing and has been a healing balm in our lives on many days. Here is today's pic:

Hug your young boys, little ones, and big boys if you can, and your girls too if you have them! 
Have a blessed weekend.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Contemplating Cancer Treatment - Why is it There?

Husband , Best Friend, Daddy, Son and Brother. 

Cancer. Recurrence. Metastasis  This can be a scary time for a man, a family, especially one with small children already scarred by this disease. We took time out today to go over numerous tests with W's integrative health physician,  and still more to peruse later this week. God has a plan for this family whether it be for many years ahead or a shorter space of time. We do not know how long he has for each of our lives but He knows. He assures us we are in the palm of His hand.

Yes He sends His angels to watch over us, the Holy Spirit to guide us. We need to be still long enough to listen and to wait for that direction.  Brendon saw angels in our home so we know they are still around. 

We have so much information to learn in a short space of time so we are asking Him for wisdom and direction. To change our ways of eating is so hard for most people in this country. To start off right from birth would be so much better for everyone. To encourage others to eat better is good too but not to force them. I have never had issues with eating healthy as in a Third World Nation where I grew up,  it was easy. I did not have too many choices for boxed and canned 'delicacies' - if you could call them that. Those were our 'treat' foods.  Thank you Lord for that teaching my parents instilled in  me to eat that way. 

Choose wisely what you eat yourself and for your children as much as you can. 

Pray for my husband and children that they will be willing to adapt to our new way of life whatever that may be and whatever change that may involve for the dynamics of our home. Thank you so very much.  Pray for many years of family life and many places to witness of God's blessing in our lives. 

We will continue to update you when we know more.  Pray for W to find some other kind of work in the Postal Service he can do to keep him occupied. 

Thank you and thank you

Friday, March 8, 2013

Walking Wounded.

Are you one of the walking wounded? I am. I have been, and some days I still think I am.  There are many times I think about my decision to move to the United States. It was a hard thing to give up so many family and friends. I missed out on many happy and sad occasions to leave and make a new life for myself. I know the Lord wanted me to be here as He was confirming so many different things a whole year before I moved.

However there are numerous times I look around me at my family here and at times do not understand why this particular family has to be so affected by disease and illness. I think some days it is a choice, and others it is just genetics. I had chosen to move here and be a part of this family so in essences I choose to live with all of this. Yes I am pouring my heart out a little.

Yesterday my dear husband of 15 1/2 years had surgery to remove more melanoma cancer cells. The unknown sits behind us and in front of us. We know in some way what lies ahead. We are trusting God to guide and guard us in the years ahead. We believe He is the "Jehovah Rapha" - the God who heals and the "Jehovah Jireh" - the God who provides. There are so many options open to us and people think we are crazy if he does nothing. Change is a way of life and there has been a lot of that going on the last year. It is always hard to try to change someone else unless they realize themselves this is for their own benefit.

I know that the Lord has used my life in the USA for myself and others. Of course we will only see the clear picture at the end of our lives when we look back and see the quilt or tapestry He has painted of our lives and where the suffering has made the colours brighter and others blended in. In my life I walk with a limp but know I hold on to Jesus more because of that.

See my heart is really out there today. God is good, and He is still on the throne. He is still my Lord and Saviour. Some days I just wish things were more defined. Ann Voskamp talks about in her two latest blog posts the scars of our lives. I have linked these posts to this post of mine. I love the way she writes and she expresses so much of what my heart feels. Have a read and make sure you have a tissue too.
Love always in Him

" I know He stands before me, I know He stands behind.
The God of Angel Armies is always by my side. "  (I declare no matter what)

Links to Ann Voskamp's posts here below:

Goodnight again!  ;)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

January Journey of Life.

On a cold dark wintry night - here is the promise I found waiting for me on the way out to a basketball practice. This is one of the things in which the Lord reminds me over and over of how BIG and AMAZING and how precious and colourful His love for me is.

January has brought some interesting out and about activities. We began with visiting the Model Train Expo and staying as long as we could. We saw all kinds of tracks and train sizes and including in that was an amazing Lego display with model trains on it too. See below:

This is a bullet train I think. The mountains behind are all built out of lego too. Last one of the Lego day I promise! Thomas the Tank Engine is sneaking into this one! Incredible patience to build this scene every year!

Our "Heart of Dakota"  homeschooling days are somewhat crazy every day. Getting a pre-teen out of bed is such hard work, whilst the Kindergartener is ready by 8 am all the time. Chores, breakfast and no playtime before school are a hard and fast rule in our home but seem to be broken constantly. Anyone else have this issue or just me? Schedules are kept loosely in our home due to interruptions currently from Doctor's phone calls and Granny Skype 'dates'. I'm so blessed to have Skype and to 'see' my Mum on a regular basis and have our boys read stories to her and get to know her even though they only see her in person every 3 years.

Our Heart of Dakota Kindergarten Bible lesson a few weeks ago was to build a replica of the paralyzed man being put down through the roof to be healed by the Lord - Here is a peak of how excited our boys were to re-enact this!  Oh for just plain old boxes, string and a recycled shoebox! (which served as a fantastic motorcar just a few hours later.

D's final feat for January was a 4D puzzle of London. It involved 2 puzzles one on top of the other, a flat one and then the 4D on top. The puzzle underneath was London in the 1800's before the Fire of London and the one on top is built with buildings and includes the Olympic stadium on far right and one building (not sure what) to be completed this year in London. I would not have the patience to do this stuff. It took 3 weeks and monopolized my living room for that period of time.  Ok it looks crazy as I took the picture upside down! Maybe you can find the London Bridge ! :)

This week we study Chocolate through a Lapbook from In the Hands of a Child. We are learning where cacao is grown and how it has been used since 4000 years ago, to today's world and uses of it. I guess the Lord may/may not have got to taste this wonderful luxury drink! This study is for Pre-K through 2nd grade but fun for older ones to try out and they have a seperate study for older grades on their website. Here is the link for the one we are working on:

Sure makes you hungry after a day studying all about Chocolate.
Thats it for now folks - have a good rest of your week.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January Gifts

Each new day is precious,
Each new day is a blessing,
Each new day is a gift.

Today Lord I'm thankful for the Word of God. The light of my path.
The joy of my soul.

Thank you for the Psalms that remind me of repentence and forgiveness.
Thank you for the picture of creation that the Psalms gives us as.
Thank you for how much easier it is to remember Psalms than Proverbs.

Proverbs is bursting with wisdom for all to see and learn. To committ to memory or just to read when seeking direction is thrilling to your spirit. Proverbs is straight and to the point. You can NOT argue with God.

The determination of Nehemiah to complete the walls is beyond anything I see in the world around me today.

The gospels where four young men strive to know this Jesus and then at the end of His life they felt they did not really know Him at all. When the Holy Spirit filled their empty hearts once more they burned with fire which quenched all their doubts.

To serve the King is the most Ultimate, Amazing, Life giving occupation to do.

In the midst of the chaos of today - this is what I have to remind myself of.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Winter Blues or Not?

It has been a long while since I wrote anything heartfelt here other than information. The Christmas of 2012 went by better than others - thankfully. Our family chose to decorate our living room more than usual and it made our holiday season that much more jolly. I'm glad we did that!

Our choice to homeschool our children some days becomes easier when I see what is happening in our schools in the US, and yet so many people need special care and help and don't receive it. My choice on what curriculum to choose or how many hours  a day continue to work in my head and irritate me but we play each day by ear.

2012 brought some medical issues in our family that we are praying are resolved. My husband is doing better physically than 5 or 6 years ago even though he is older. In some places he may qualify to be a senior citizen soon! He has more X-rays and blood tests due to be done in February - we continue to be vigilant using oils and therapy to keep him in good shape.

The winter season brings with it the memories of past winters snuggling with 3 beautiful children , one nursing and the other two listening to stories. MMmmmm..... but we won't dwell on it too much. I am aiming to get out this house once a week on my own at least for refreshment in my spirit and soul.  Mommy's breakfast's at Panera do amazing things to rejuvenate my heart.

Writing a book about Brendon, our hero, and his short life has been toying with me for many months (maybe years), but each time I read his Caringbridge site I am in tears again. I know this will be hard to do but I have to make a start or I will procrastinate one more year and never get it done.

Here is a photo I try to do of the three boys every year - even though Brendon stays the same.

My new favorite book is Trim Healthy Mama written by Serene and Pearl of "Above Rubies" fame and family. It teaches you how to use all the health knowledge from many different eating plans and combine the best for you. Low carb and high protein and good healthy fats are what I'm aiming for. Learning about Hormones both for myself and for my husband have become more of an interest in my heart recently. The book is almost 2 inches thick so I feel like I'm reading a health Bible in some ways. It was written by two women who have journeyed for many years over the correct way of eating for their own bodies and their families too.

Thanks for reading and letting me share - I will try to update more about our Heart of Dakota Homeschooling journey soon.

May the Lord bless you today and give you peace even in the midst of storms.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Winter and Flu and Solutions Maybe

January 2012.

Dear Friends and Family,

Recently in the USA the press are talking about the crazy flu epidemic we have here.
Do you want to help your children avoid the flu ? Or perhaps you can prevent whateer cold/cough they have from staying around too long. Look into some of the info below please.

Here are some of our family's solutions - hope that you can use some of them. We don't do everthing - just some but Garlic and GOOT are some of my favorites


P.S I am not a Doctor these are remedies we have used on our family. Please check with your doctor if you have any doubt. I usually find they don't agree with these but my family does not get sick as many times either.


Link to my friends Garlic post here too: GOOT

I use this solution every winter especially when the boys have flu or symptoms of it. Right now we take Grapefruit seed drops once a week unless the boys have a cold, and then I give it once a day. Vitamin D drops from the Vitamin shop every night builds up the children's immune system too.
I also keep my children out of Childrens church as much as I can esp. if it involves playing with and sharing toys.
Just some info from our family to yours


Above Rubies Letter about Winter Remedies 2009

Subject: Above Rubies Special Note | BEAT THE FLU THIS WINTER!


Dear friends,

As we approach flu season, it is good to be reminded of ways to prevent it. There are better ways to prevent the flu than being vaccinated. Check out the following points to keep yourself and your family in good health during this winter season.


This means to not only refrain from sugar, but all foods containing sugar, which are most foods on the shelves of the supermarket. Read labels very carefully. In fact, when you read the labels first, will find that you will have to put most foods back on the shelf.

Sugar makes a perfect environment for viruses. Sugar completely destroys your immune system. It destroys the germ-killing ability of white bloods cells to kill bacteria and viruses up to five hours after intake. It interferes with the transport of vitamin C which is needed to fight the flu and robs the body of nutrients such as zinc that are vital for the immune function.

Sugar affects everyone, but has more serious consequences for children. Keep your children away from all sugar and especially when flu viruses are around. That means at Christmas time too!

Also, please reduce carbs as they turn to sugar in your body. Especially eliminate all whites--not only white sugar, but white flour, white pasta and white rice. Completely eradicate pop and sweet teas. I refuse to have sugar in my pantry.


The stronger your immune system, the less likelihood of getting the flu or any disease.

Here are some ideas for building up your immune system for you and your children. You can do what suits you best--or do them all!

My daughter, Serene, who has eight children, gives herself and the children the following once a day or more as needed.

COLD AND FLU FIGHTER (Or just GOOT as above)
½ cup chopped onion
A whole bulb of chopped garlic
2 TBS chopped fresh ginger root
1 chopped jalapeƱo

Put all ingredients in a quart jar, cover with raw vinegar and let sit 4 - 6 weeks. Strain out vegetables and use 2 TBS. or more each day. If you do get a cold or the flu, take every hour. Serene gives her children 1 TBS. each day as a preventative.

1, 000 mg morning and evening

Give children three drops in water once a week. If you notice any signs of flu or colds in the family, give three drops in water once a day. Adults should take 10 - 15 drops in water at the slightest sign of a cold or flu. You can obtain this extract at a health food shop.

To make it easier for toddlers to take these vitamins, mix the following:
1 TBS. or more of yogurt (no sugar added)
Crushed Vitamin C tablet, smaller dosage for toddler
Juice of ½ orange
2 drops Grapefruit Seed Extract
Stevia for sweetening
Mix together and give to toddler as needed.

1,000 mg each morning to children
1,000 each morning and evening for adults. Most adults need much more than this. The consensus is that anything up to 5,000 mg a day is safe and beneficial for most people. After a hydroxyl test, most people find they need more than this. The optimum levels for the body are 60 - 90 ml. Vitamin D builds the immune system and also fights cancer.

This is a marvelous food that builds up the body's own natural defenses against viral infections, disease and cancer. Take as much as you can each day. You can't take too much. Use the Extra Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil for medicinal use. Put 1 TBS. or more in your smoothies. Use it for all your cooking instead of other oils. You can use Expeller Pressed for cooking.

If there are any signs of flu in even one of the children, Serene gets her children to take a banana and dip it into coconut oil (about 2 TBS coconut oil). This is an easy way for the children to eat it. You can also get the children to put the coconut oil behind their ears and massage it into their lymph glands and also in their nose.

Use coconut way every way you can. Use it for all cooking instead of other oils. To try some delectable recipes with Coconut Butter (it is called butter when it is cold and goes hard, and oil when it is soft in the summer or heated) you can order COCONUT RECIPES by Serene Allison from the Above Rubies website:


Charity Callis, Toll Free: 1 877 841 2861

Go to and check out their website.
Toll Free: 877-558-5518

To find out more about these immune boosting oils, check out THE PALM OIL MIRACLE and THE COCONUT OIL MIRACLE by Bruce Fife.


There is nothing like lack of sleep to run down your immune system. Sleep and a healthy diet are your best preventatives against the flu and colds. Make sure you have adequate sleep, especially during flu season. Try to get to bed early.
I grew up with the old wives' tale that the hours of sleep before midnight are the most beneficial. Science has now proved this adage, although I must admit I have broken the rule most of my life. I am now trying to go to bed earlier. The plan is to go to bed no later than 10.00 pm--9.00 pm is even better.
Staying up much later than 10.00 pm causes your adrenal glands to make cortisol. This is taxing on the adrenal gland and can lead to adrenal fatigue. Does this sound too hard? It is actually better for your health, and you will accomplish just as much by getting up earlier in the morning. And remember, I am preaching to myself!


I have a friend who uses the following for her family. The taste is wonderful.

ELDERBERRY COLD AND FLU FIGHTER SYRUP (this is excellent stuff- Julie)
½ cup elderberries (check the Internet for dried elderberries)
4 cloves
1 cinnamon stick
1 TBS grated fresh root ginger
2 cups water
Bring to a boil and simmer for 20 - 30 minutes. Add ½ cup honey. Store in refrigerator. Take 2 TBS. each day to prevent colds and flu. If you have the flu, take every hour. This recipe only keeps two weeks in the fridge so you will need to make a fresh batch every two weeks.

Any easy fighter is to chop up 1 or 2 garlic cloves very, very finely. Pop in your mouth and swallow before you have a chance to taste the flavor or imbibe the smell. This is an easy and wonderful way to fight the flu. I find this simple and effective.

Many folk use the following Natural Antibiotic Recipe using Young Living Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils. Here is the recipe from Quick Reference Guide for Using Essential Oils, compiled by Connie and Alan Higley, 10th edition.

12 drops Thieves Oil
6 drops Oregano Oil
2 drops Frankincense Oil
Put drops in a "00" size capsule and ingest one capsule every 4 hours for 3 days, then every 8 hours for 4 days.

To purchase oils, go to

BURIED TREASURE - ACF (Acute Cold and Flu Formula)
This is highly effective for fighting colds. You can purchase it as your local health food store or online. Our daughter, Pearl, always has it on hand for use at the first sign of a sniffle.


Horseradish root is a powerful antibiotic and useful for fighting the flu, as well as urinary tract infections and even cancer. I have just harvested the roots from m y garden and am getting ready to prepare it as a sauce and to use in other recipes. Check the Internet for all kinds of wonderful recipes.

Prepare the following to use as needed. Slice or chunk the horseradish root, place in blender and grind, adding small amounts of vinegar for a good consistency, about 1 TBS vinegar (I use apple cider vinegar) to 1 cup horseradish. The vinegar preserves the horseradish and enhances the flavor. Vinegar stops the heat-building enzyme activity that grinding causes. If you want hotter horseradish, wait before adding the vinegar. Adding the vinegar right away will make the horseradish milder.

Horseradish will take your breath away, bring tears to your eyes, but at the same time clear all your sinuses, help ward off the flu and make you feel great!

You can add 1 TBS. of horseradish to your coleslaw or even to your meat loaf you are preparing.

This is another old wives' tale that I grew up with, but I still do it and believe it works. If someone gets a cold or flu in the house, I cut an onion in half and put it in a strategic place. Supposedly the germs go to the onion. If my husband has a sniffle, I cut an onion and put half by his side of the bed and half by my side of the bed. He complains of the smell but puts up with it!

A lot of germs come through the ears. As a preventative, pour a little Hydrogen Peroxide in the ear. I love to feel it bubbling in my ear. Do it once a week (perhaps on the weekend), one night in one ear and the next night in the other. I find it easier to do it this way as the peroxide doesn't run out from one ear when pouring it in the other ear.

An herb which strengthens the immune system and fights off infections. Check the Internet for purchase. Adults only.


Wash your hands frequently throughout the day, especially before eating. Wash under running water for 20 seconds or sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY while washing. It is most important to train your children to do this.


I find myself doing this and am having to get into the habit of not rubbing my eyes, mouth or nose. Teach your children about this also.


Check the Internet for a Neti Pot to clear nose and sinuses.


The H1N1 vaccination has many dangers. Check out more information before allowing yourself and your family to become a victim to these shots.

The Swine Flu Vaccine, unlike other flu vaccines, contains squalene, an additive which when introduced into the bloodstream, causes crippling auto-immune diseases like Lou Gehrig's disease, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, polyarteritis nodosa, and Guillain-Barre syndrome.

Squalene in vaccines has been strongly connected to the Gulf War Syndrome. The H1N1 vaccine contains 1 million times more squalene than the vaccine given to Gulf War soldiers (which resulted in 140,000 veterans contracting the auto-immune disease Gulf War Syndrome). The use of squalene is illegal in the USA and UK but is being allowed under the emergency pandemic decree. Dr. Russell Blaylock states, "If you receive the vaccine, there is little you can do to protect yourself--at least by conventional medicine. It will mean a lifetime of crippling illness and early death."

The US government has given vaccine manufacturers (Novartis, Baxter, Glaxo-Smithkline, CSL) complete legal immunity from any deaths or injuries resulting from their vaccines.

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