Thursday, January 17, 2013

Winter Blues or Not?

It has been a long while since I wrote anything heartfelt here other than information. The Christmas of 2012 went by better than others - thankfully. Our family chose to decorate our living room more than usual and it made our holiday season that much more jolly. I'm glad we did that!

Our choice to homeschool our children some days becomes easier when I see what is happening in our schools in the US, and yet so many people need special care and help and don't receive it. My choice on what curriculum to choose or how many hours  a day continue to work in my head and irritate me but we play each day by ear.

2012 brought some medical issues in our family that we are praying are resolved. My husband is doing better physically than 5 or 6 years ago even though he is older. In some places he may qualify to be a senior citizen soon! He has more X-rays and blood tests due to be done in February - we continue to be vigilant using oils and therapy to keep him in good shape.

The winter season brings with it the memories of past winters snuggling with 3 beautiful children , one nursing and the other two listening to stories. MMmmmm..... but we won't dwell on it too much. I am aiming to get out this house once a week on my own at least for refreshment in my spirit and soul.  Mommy's breakfast's at Panera do amazing things to rejuvenate my heart.

Writing a book about Brendon, our hero, and his short life has been toying with me for many months (maybe years), but each time I read his Caringbridge site I am in tears again. I know this will be hard to do but I have to make a start or I will procrastinate one more year and never get it done.

Here is a photo I try to do of the three boys every year - even though Brendon stays the same.

My new favorite book is Trim Healthy Mama written by Serene and Pearl of "Above Rubies" fame and family. It teaches you how to use all the health knowledge from many different eating plans and combine the best for you. Low carb and high protein and good healthy fats are what I'm aiming for. Learning about Hormones both for myself and for my husband have become more of an interest in my heart recently. The book is almost 2 inches thick so I feel like I'm reading a health Bible in some ways. It was written by two women who have journeyed for many years over the correct way of eating for their own bodies and their families too.

Thanks for reading and letting me share - I will try to update more about our Heart of Dakota Homeschooling journey soon.

May the Lord bless you today and give you peace even in the midst of storms.


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my3sonz said...

Oh how I enjoy your posts and glimpses into your heart. I pray for you. I look forward to your book! One day girl. God will give you the strength and the words. I also look forward to hearing about HOD. The thought of the "health" book overwhelms me but I am making steps. Love you friend