Monday, April 22, 2013

Contemplating Cancer Treatment - Why is it There?

Husband , Best Friend, Daddy, Son and Brother. 

Cancer. Recurrence. Metastasis  This can be a scary time for a man, a family, especially one with small children already scarred by this disease. We took time out today to go over numerous tests with W's integrative health physician,  and still more to peruse later this week. God has a plan for this family whether it be for many years ahead or a shorter space of time. We do not know how long he has for each of our lives but He knows. He assures us we are in the palm of His hand.

Yes He sends His angels to watch over us, the Holy Spirit to guide us. We need to be still long enough to listen and to wait for that direction.  Brendon saw angels in our home so we know they are still around. 

We have so much information to learn in a short space of time so we are asking Him for wisdom and direction. To change our ways of eating is so hard for most people in this country. To start off right from birth would be so much better for everyone. To encourage others to eat better is good too but not to force them. I have never had issues with eating healthy as in a Third World Nation where I grew up,  it was easy. I did not have too many choices for boxed and canned 'delicacies' - if you could call them that. Those were our 'treat' foods.  Thank you Lord for that teaching my parents instilled in  me to eat that way. 

Choose wisely what you eat yourself and for your children as much as you can. 

Pray for my husband and children that they will be willing to adapt to our new way of life whatever that may be and whatever change that may involve for the dynamics of our home. Thank you so very much.  Pray for many years of family life and many places to witness of God's blessing in our lives. 

We will continue to update you when we know more.  Pray for W to find some other kind of work in the Postal Service he can do to keep him occupied. 

Thank you and thank you

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