Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cancer Therapy

Thank you for praying for  our family over the past week. My husband has completed one week of therapy and is tired. That is not the only side effect but seems to be the one most prevalent.

He has had some stomach issues with new medicines to take at home and his appetite seems to be okay. He does not eat very much in the hot summer days anyway so maybe this is good for him too. Please pray for him to not be too concerned but to be at peace. There is some swelling going on in the scar issue from his surgery where the melanoma nodules were removed from. We await for an MRI to see about that and exactly what is going on under the skin.

I am basically very busy and trying to keep it altogether. Ha like you can do that as a Homeschooling Mom with 2 rambunctious boys. Pray for peace in the walls of our home which is  my husband's sanctuary after a day at work and having IV Therapy.


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